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Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is very important since brushes produce germs after the frequent usage  of products on them , and that may harm our face and cause acne , so if you use your brushes daily you should clean them every week , while if you use them every weekend ( like I do ) you should clean them every month( including beauty blenders ) . How I clean my brushes :  -Step 1 : rinse the brushes with water and add shampoo on your brush egg / brush cleaning mat or whatever tool you are using to clean your brushes and start moving the brush on the mat/brush egg as much as you can ( you will notice that all the leftovers will start washing out ) . -Step 2 : rinse the brush again and repeat step 2 if it doesn't seem 100% clean . -Step 3 : Add conditioner to the mat/brush egg and start moving the brush ( massage your brush with conditioner to reach all its parts ) -Step 4 : Rinse the brush and squeeze the water out of it .  -Step 5 : Let your brush dry . You will get

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